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Oakstop Taking Ownership and Sharing Space (Interview)

Posted by | Oakland, Press, Workspace | April 08, 2015

Oakstop was recently featured in an article on a new blog title, What’s Happening Black Oakland about the changing landscape in Oakland, particularly around real estate and community displacement. What’s Happening Black Oakland is a resource for black people to connect with and inform each other about transformative work happening in the Oakland black community. […]

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Oakstop Featured in Oakland Magazine!

Posted by | Events, Oakland, Oakstop Members, Press, Workshops, Workspace | November 04, 2014

When coworking started in the Bay Area about a decade ago, it was an experiment. The Hypothesis: Independent professionals who share a flexible environment work better together than they do alone. The Concept: For a monthly fee, members get access to a furnished workspace, WiFi, printers, a kitchen, and most importantly, each other. Liberated from […]

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Oakstop Featured in PeerSpace App

Posted by | Apps, coworking, Nonworking, Workspace | June 20, 2014

The world of technology is no stranger to Oakstop. How could it be for a community-based business in the Bay Area, really? What we at Oakstop are constantly seeking are those links between our worlds. Where do coworking and tech overlap? What might they have to offer each other? Well, obviously there’s an app for […]

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Oakstop Meets Capsity Coworking

Posted by | coworking, Workspace | April 21, 2014

Jeff Louie and Jason Jong, of Capsity, Inc, a coworking space in Sacramento paid a visit to Oakstop while in town for a quick business trip. They had heard about Oakstop through some other friends, and upon their arrival realized that Capsity has several things in common with Oakstop, including some of their featured artwork. […]

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