Creating Sustainability Mixer & Jennifer Johns Birthday Celebration

February 28, 2014
Jennifer Johns Creating Sustainability

Celebrating Jennifer Johns’ birthday at the end of the Creating Sustainability Mixer

It was only a week ago that Oakstop was filled with over 150 people to celebrate the unveiling of the Creating Sustainability campaign and Jennifer Johns‘ birthday. The event itself was a true display of Oakstop’s ability to embrace interdisciplinary arts. We featured fine art, live music, DJs, live painting, a photo portrait booth, and studio style video interviews with our guests on sustainability.

Oakstop - Creating Sustainability - Jennifer Johns Birthday

Oakstop Creating Sustainability

Oakstop - Creating Sustainability - Kev Choice

The event also featured a multimedia presentation about the Creating Sustainability campaign lead by Jennifer Johns and Trevor Parham. The presentation outlined the concept and mission behind the campaign, reminding everyone that the practice of creating sustainability is essentially a matter of “using what we have to create what we need”. Jennifer explained how the campaign directly ties in with her vision for the GO LIV mobile app, a yelp-like tool designed connect people to local resources that facilitate sustainable lifestyles. Trevor demonstrated how Oakstop aligns with the campaign by providing artists and entrepreneurs with a venue to establish more economically sustainable careers.

Oakstop - Creating Sustainability - Jennifer Johns Birthday

Oakstop - Creating Sustainability - Trevor Parham

Oakstop - Creating Sustainability - Joseph Griffin Media

The event was a prime example of Oakstop’s ability to provide consulting services to its members as means of facilitating their larger goals as entrepreneurs. Jennifer approached Oakstop about the idea of collaborating on the campaign and the event, and explained that there she would need help with a variety of resources and services in order to make the project a reality.

Some of the services that Oakstop provided or sourced for this particular project included:


Happy Birthday Jenn!!

• Event Planning
• Food & Beverage
• A/V Support
• Photography
• Videography
• Graphic Design
• Art Consulting
• Presentation Design
• Communications Strategy


Overall, the event was a huge success and demonstrated Oakstop’s capacity to host even larger events in the future. We are so thrilled to have the chance to collaborate with one of our members on such a compelling campaign and are excited to see it unfold as we move forward.

Jennifer Johns posted this thank you message to all of her friends on Facebook:

What an amazing night! A billion thanks to all who came out to celebrate my birthday and our first Creating Sustainability Mixer. The vibration in Oakstop Coworking was beyond beautiful! I felt so loved and inspired!

In a matter of days we turned out over 150 people. Oakstop was full of shape shifters and movement makers, artivists, organizers, entrepreneurs, educators and more. As I scanned the room I found myself humbled- MY Homies are #CreatingSustainability- though food, fashion, education, entertainment etc. OH #OAKLAND I LOVE YOU!!!

I look forward to seeing you all much more in the months to come!  

Oakstop - Jennifer Johns - Creating Sustainability

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