VIDEO: Oakstop Artist, Matt Hunter

March 17, 2014


Fine artist, jack of all trades, and Oakstop member, Matt Hunter, speaks on his artwork and his appreciation of Oakstop as a focused space to collaborate with other creatives. In addition to having Matt’s paintings on display in the Oakstop Gallery, we are also proud to have had Matt leverage his construction and woodworking skills in building our 16ft countertop for the bar style seating in our common area. Matt is a perfect example of Oakstop members who contribute to the space, while also using it to showcase their talent.

Directed & Edited by Aled Ordu


I want there to be an immediate connection or unity between the viewer and the subject

My name is Matt Hunter and I’m a painter in Oakland, CA

I really don’t want people to use their mind when they look at my art

I use the example of looking at a sunset or hugging a loved one… you don’t have to think about that; it’s intrinsically amazing

I’m a home body at heart. I like to work in a quiet space; in a focused space.

To connect with other artists… it certainly keeps my head above water in terms of what’s going on.

I think coming here has been great, because it is more collaborative. People I’ve met here are trying to do their thing full time.

When you let what is… be… without filtering it through anything; meaning your mind, it’s pretty damn incredible…

It’s very incredible.

And I wanna paint that.

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