Oakstop is Fundraising on Kiva Zip!

October 30, 2014

Oakstop has been endorsed to receive a $5,000 loan from Kiva Zip and we need your support!

Lend $5 to Oakstop’s Expansion Fund


Kiva-Zip-logoKiva Zip is part of Kiva.org. It is a small project through which lenders make microfinance loans directly to borrowers in the U.S. and Kenya via the Internet.

A new feature of Kiva Zip that sets it apart is the “Trustee” role. Trustees can be individuals or organizations, and are responsible for identifying borrowers that would be a good match for Kiva Zip loans.

The City of Oakland is now a Trustee of Kiva Zip.


Oakland is the first U.S. city to become a trustee of Kiva Zip. Its growing economy and community oriented culture makes Oakland the perfect city for a community driven funding platform like Kiva Zip. Oakstop is proud to be amongst one of the first businesses here in Oakland that Kiva Zip is promoting as an ideal business for this model of funding.


How will Oakstop use this loan?

The purpose of this loan is for the buildout of 6 additional private offices in Oakstop’s coworking facility to bring the total number of private offices to 10.

With 6 additional offices we can serve up to 15 new Oakstop members.

We already have a group of Oakstop members who are experienced construction contractors and are willing to barter their time for membership. With labor costs covered, we will spend the loan primarily on materials (framing, drywall, paint, doors, windows, wiring) and office furniture.



What impact will this loan have on Oakstop… and on Oakland?

1. Stabilize Oakstop’s business model with more consistent revenue from offices.

2. Strengthen the Oakstop community with more anchoring members.

3. Increase access to capital for other Oakland entrepreneurs in Oakstop’s role as a Kiva Zip Trustee


Make a Contribution to Make an Impact on Oakland!

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