VIDEO: Oakstop’s Multimedia Meeting Room

April 18, 2014

Video produced by Stefan Ruenzel

Dave Polk, professional sound engineer and Oakstop member, describes his process for transforming Oakstop’s conference room into an acoustically enhanced studio for audio and video production. Oakstop’s conference room, dubbed “The Multimedia Meeting Room”, is now equipped to function as both a standard meeting room and production studio.

The room can be rented hourly or daily by anyone from the public. View availability or book online now via

This actually is a great conference room…

It’s quiet, it’s sealed off from the rest of the office, there’s a table and everything

It’s a great place for collaboration, meetings, for coordination, conferences…

Especially for people that are really dealing with any type of production… that touches more on the whole vision or purpose of Oakstop in general

The space itself is alive, there’s a circulation there, it’s alive… it’s a really great space for getting together and getting things done.


Watch another interview with sound engineer, Dave Polk

Video produced by Stefan Ruenzel

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