Self Love First, Opening Reception, Fri. 4/1, 6p-9p

Posted by | Events, Exhibits, Oakland | March 28, 2016

Please join us for the opening of Self Love First, a solo exhibition by Brette Sims of paintings and illustrations propelling the message that love is a state of being.

All of Brette Sims’ collections are infused with a journey of self-love evolution, at varying levels, and a message of evolving in presence. Love is not an emotion in the sense we usually think of emotion. Emotion is energy in motion. It’s an intense, active, disturbing thing. The feeling of love is the most peaceful feeling there is. In that sense love is not an emotion. Therefore, Self Love First is about uncovering love through those dark emotions and finding a balance between dark and light frequencies of consciousness. Emotion is a thing of the ego. Love is a thing of presence. Self Love First includes pieces from Brette’s painting collection, illustration collection, and more.


Brette Sims is a classically trained illustrator, graphic designer, and fine artist born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland, CA. After graduating with her BFA in from Loyola Marymount University, Brette founded her own company called STUK DESIGNS (pronounced stuck), a feminist design firm, art and lifestyle brand. Through STUK, Brette has worked with various creative clients. STUK doubles as an illustration collection, which has evolved into art merchandise. Brette sells STUK branded illustrations on mugs, rugs, blankets, t-shirts, shower curtains, stationary and more. Each piece she sells in infused with an affirmative quote that serves as a daily reminder to think positive.



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