Your Workplace Training Video @ Oakstop!

Posted by | coworking, Oakland, Oakstop Members, Video | March 31, 2015

Our friends over at News Hangover just released this funny, yet insightful video about workplace politics and workplace etiquette, that they filmed entirely at Oakstop.

Take a moment to watch the video and see all the great ways that they’ve incorporate our space and all of the beautiful artwork into the aesthetics of the video. We love this!

News Hangover is a webseries hosted by Keli Dailey serving up news and comedy. It knows the keys to living a good life: work hard, believe in yourself, do the Bottomless Mimosa Brunch.

Coworking spaces make for great production sites! This was the third episode of News Hangover filmed at Oakstop and we can’t wait to have them over again to share their humor, production talents, and bottomless mimosas!

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