Oakstop is proud to host Genesys Works as part of its ongoing focus on supporting school and educational organizations in Oakland.

Genesys Works empowers high school students from challenged backgrounds to achieve college and career success through skills training and meaningful work experiences.

Once accepted into the program, you will begin a 14-month comprehensive program that includes a year-long, paid internship. The journey begins with our signature 8-week summer Skills Training program. During training you will learn the skills needed to succeed in today’s world of work. Training sessions include lessons on business etiquette, conflict resolution, and proper communication skills. While summer training has its challenges, ask any student that went through our program and they’ll also tell you that it’s a ton of fun!

Upon successfully completing training you’ll be placed into a paid Meaningful Internship. You’ll work 20 hours per week, leaving school at mid-day and working four hours per day at one of our corporate partners. In your job, you will be a contributing member of a professional work team, doing real work for major companies.

Throughout your internship, you’ll receive additional classroom instruction and individual counseling on college and career opportunities through our College & Career Connections program. Genesys Works staff assists you with college selection, applications, grants and scholarships.