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I often choose people as subjects to explore spirituality, social injustice, human behavior, size acceptance, and sexuality. [Here] I envision two individuals very similar in their appearance. Both physically reaching, stretching and aspiring to identical desires: happiness, prosperity, equity and a distinguished legacy.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Courageous started creating art as soon as his motor skills began to develop. Renaissance, Dutch, and Pre-Raphaelite paintings quickly caught his inquisitive young eye, and the grand illusions of the great masters captivated him.

Courageous studied architecture at Texas Southern University and Lawrence Tech University; from there he went on to study the discipline of fine artistry from various global and spiritual sources. His works of art have been described by many as ethereal and visionary. Courageous’ compositions are created in a whimsical world that somehow evokes a familiar sense of nostalgia. His use of wood, mixed media, and old master painting techniques inspire many ideas to come to life as canvas paintings, murals, furniture, and clothing. Like the masters before him, immortalizing the spirit of a subject, or simply telling a story as viewed through his eyes became a passion that would shape his destiny.

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