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  • Aran A beautiful and proud heritage that the whole world can learn from and rejoice in. May 23, 18:45
  • Willie Little Beautiful work, powerful messages. May 17, 20:12
  • Laura Booi This is incredible. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to see all of this amazing art. Many thanks to the curator, artists and organizers. Apr 29, 16:40
  • Mafoko Phomane Wow contemporary Blackness…I see depth, I see resilience, I see vibrant colours more importantly I see the power of self-definition and the reflective aspect thereof, I see resistance and I see this amazing sense of spirituality…I see beauty and boldness!! Apr 14, 19:49
  • Dana Walrath I see power, beauty, deep interrogation of systems and structures of oppression. I see joy and positivity and ways to move us collectively toward justice. Congratulations to all on this gorgeous show and gratitude for all you are bringing into our world!!! Apr 14, 11:55
  • Rebecca Musiitwa Power. Beauty. Strength. Connection. Vulnerability. Endless creativity. The individual pieces and the entirety of the exhibit is stunning. Bravo and thank you for sharing this with the world. Apr 13, 14:58
  • Sebabatso Manoeli What a moving exhibition. Such important explorations on Blackness. Loved it! Apr 8, 18:12
  • Cari Pang Chen I see incredible color, boldness and complexity, with different shades and styles reflecting hope and and even alternate realities. Thank you to all involved in bringing this exhibit together and for the artist talk as well. The stories and reflections really brought the work that you curated to another dimension. Thank you for creating this very special space and inviting me into it! Mar 26, 14:39
  • Tara Hammons Blackness…beauty….pride…expression…depth…wealth…regality…Mother Africa…timely…contemporary…fresh…I could go on and on! Congratulations on an incredible collection! Mar 23, 01:54
  • Robert Malveaux Stinson I see the shape of black consciousness uniting as one towards a unified vision. In the humblest sense I see truth, unfettered by political spin. It’s real and visceral and gives me a sense of pride being that I am a local poet and artist. Keep up the great work team. Look forward to seeing what else rises to the surface. Mar 14, 08:15
  • Ron Calime Every color being one of many Shades of Black. Mar 13, 19:11
  • Mlungisi I see artworks at it’s best interms of articulating challenges that are related with the present times of our life. For this reason they have a sense of humor that connects with in particular Mar 11, 15:41
  • Brandon Nicholson A legacy of endless possibilities Mar 6, 15:47
  • Samantha Castle I see our powerful spirit and excellence reflected in this amazing collection of work. Mar 2, 18:01
  • Nadia Sesay I see pride and I see beauty. The experiences of groups in “global north & south” is not dissimilar. I see unity between the works created by the two groups of artists, which is logical given the model of resistance and freedom in SA that was replicated in the Civil Rights Movement. Great to see everything presented together as platforms rarely exclusively present them together. Feb 27, 20:21
  • Ron Excitement, beauty, strength, leadership Feb 25, 23:00
  • Jackie Copeland Love this! I see our connected past and future in all its beauty and pain. Well done! Feb 23, 17:09
  • Sharnita Johnson Simply stunning! Feb 22, 00:26
  • Zahr Syed History, pride, beauty, indignation. So much more. So much complexity. Feb 19, 17:15
  • Smangaliso Boi Absolutely love Tshepiso Moropa’s work! Beautiful exhibition. Feb 19, 05:39
  • Nicole Giles This is such a beautifully curated and dynamic collection of art. It’s very clear just how much thoughtfulness, passion, and love went into both the art itself and the overall curation. Blackness is so rich, so diverse, and so protean in the way it changes shape and form in so many different global contexts. Beautiful job at capturing that. Thank you for this celebration. Feb 17, 20:58
  • Paula D. Ambrose I see us in all our complexity and beauty. I see my elders who loved me something fierce! I see love, pain, strength and determined spirits. Thank you for this moving exhibit, it was just the reminder that my soul needed. Feb 17, 15:45
  • Tshepo de Villiers I absolutely love the title “The Shape of Blackness”. Plus the work exhibited is so fresh and super powerful. I love the space and how art is exhibited in such a way that it feels like I am there ‘physically’. Big ups to all the artists. Really great stuff! Feb 15, 12:31
  • Marquita Holt Pain/ love / peace/ growth/ togetherness Every piece speaks high volume. What an amazing collection. Feb 15, 03:17
  • Petunia Hlahane I enjoyed this exhibition. The individual viewing option gave me the same sense & feeling of being in an actual art gallery space. The topic was treated beautifully & expressed in an expansive but cohesive way that some how resonated. Thank you, this was a real treat. Feb 13, 11:20
  • Suzanne Very well done and some beautiful pieces. Love the use of a shadow siloutte to show people standing in the exhibition looking at the pieces. Very unique Feb 13, 11:00
  • Lee Tsomo Very profound & diverse work from the artists. I find each piece has its own soul. It shows that the artists are very expressional beings. Feb 12, 09:55
  • Angel Lynk I see an impressive array of black expression. What a wonderful experience! It reminds me so much of my recent visit to South Africa and the richness of expression in the art and crafts I saw there. I hope there’s a continued effort to showcase black artists from around the world. Feb 11, 18:42
  • Ms D Wonderfully refreshing insights on a subject that needs endless exploration. Looking forward to seeing more of such. Feb 11, 12:35
  • Masana Chikeka I see a celebratory and joyous portrayal that put blackness at the centre stage. I see defiance, beauty, resilience, power in the paintings. It’s a beautiful take on the complicated subject of race. Each of the paintings seamlessly integrate colour, art, aesthetics and identity which is showcased brilliantly by the different signatures of the artists. It is like a conversation in life experiences Feb 11, 08:37
  • Carol Brilliant work! I see a love of all things African, for its history, the creation of its art and the maturing of a continent which is being seen with new eyes by the rest of the world. Feb 11, 05:01
  • Sthandiwe I see myself! Culture,beauty,spirituality,color,introspection,hurt,but ROYALTY despite the intended destruction of the Shape of blackness!This exhibition is much needed!Our kids and their friends,need to see this, learn and celebrate!Thank you! Feb 10, 18:45
  • Caroline Shirindza Powerful exhibition, telling own narrative as raw as it is. It’s beautiful, empowering and real. Very relatable Feb 10, 12:55
  • Maggie Pham I see power, beauty, creativity, and hope! Wonderful exhibit – thank you. Feb 8, 14:30
  • Sandy Brown I see. Symbolism. Realism. Introspection. Provocation. Nostalgia. Vision. Beauty. Disappointment. Motivation. Inspiration. Essence. Spirit. Tenacity. Resilience. Power. Vulnerability. Me. You. Us. Feb 7, 04:35
  • E. Patrick Johnson Such arresting and powerful images. What is so amazing is how these artists make clear how we are connected in the African diaspora. Feb 7, 01:55
  • Phyllis Hubbard I see beauty, love, power, excellence, challenge, transformation, transcendence, triumph and hope. Feb 5, 01:36
  • Reggie Shuford Wow! Mind blown. So beautiful, from concept to execution. The individual pieces are vibrant and rich and tell deep stories. The entire collection takes that to an altogether different level. To me, that is what Blackness is – our beauty as individuals, our unparalleled power and unbreakable connection, wherever we are, as a collective. Just stunning. Bravo! Feb 4, 23:34
  • Joe Sadusky Stunning. The individual pieces are amazing, and the way each artist’s work plays with and off the others adds depth and dimension to the exhibit as a whole. Feb 4, 04:37
  • Darnell Lamont Walker This is an amazingly beautiful exhibit and i’m so wowed by the talent and work that went into it! Feb 3, 19:18

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