Justice 4 Tyranny

Primarily a self-taught artist, he grew up with a camera in hand from the age of 8. During his college years, his spark was fueled by art history and symbolism in art. Majoring in screenwriting, he thought of ways to implement complex symbolism into his storytelling.

Starting out his professional career as black and white street photographer, he evolved into a refined fine artist; heavily inspired by classical baroque painting, fashion photography, and directors like David Lynch. His visual reach broadened when he revealed more of himself and a transmogrified version of his work, exposing his devolution to the African art and agendas of Dubois, Hughes, Toomer, and Garvey. The new work cemented him at the top of his art circuit.

His work answers questions about social injustice, oppression and mass incarceration, while shaming the system instead of the victim. He is no stranger to the injustices and traps society and government lays out for people of color, alienated communities, and dark skin countries around the globe. He uses his ability in photography, film, digital painting, and illustration to accentuate his own life’s adversities and the tribulations of neighborhoods that formed him.


Featured Artists

Justice 4 Tyranny

Digital Artist

Artwork reimagines and recreates stories of African heroism and oppression.

Abba Yahudah

painter & designer

I understand the therapeutic impact that vibrant colors can have on the human psyche.

Brette Sims

Painter + Designer

Feminist illustrator and painter, originally from Oakland.

Refa One

Aerosol Artist

A fusion of unique stylized letters and eclectic cultural iconography.

Aaron Beitia

Painter + Designer

Depicts the love and emotion between humans and things.   


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